Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tying It All Together

I'm a writer, editor and journalism instructor, so I make a living via the written word - whether I'm stringing a few of them together for an article, cutting some of them out of someone else's article or showing others how to put them together more effectively in the classroom. Words inspire me.

I started a new blog a few weeks ago - mainly as a place to put some of the sayings I stumble across every now and again. I try to post a quote every day in hopes that it will inspire others, too.

This was yesterday's entry from The Talmud: "Who is wise? One who learns from all." Turns out it was absolutely perfect for yesterday, because it was the day my training partner, Ed, and I oversaw our first grading at the Salvation Army (where we've been hosting free karate classes since May). Here are some of our students preparing to present:

A good day was had by all 18 of the kyus that graded. My senseis, several of my training partners and a few other senseis we've trained with over the years were all on hand to help us empty the cups of the graders and keep things moving along smoothly.

Once all the certificates, new belts and stripes were handed out, Sensei D. told our students that they all look like they are solidly on their way down their own paths - provided they keep working hard. "You are a direct reflection of your instructors," he added. "You made them look very good today." Always one to give credit where credit is due, Ed immediately pointed to the black belts and said something that brought it all home: "You also made THEM look good, because we learned from them. We give to you what they've given and continue to give us."

And he's right. Guess that makes him humble and wise :-).


  1. "Don't strive to just be good; be good for something."
    - Thoreau

    For your work at the Salvation Army, I'd say you're living up to that.