Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Salvation Army Grading

Last weekend was a big one for our kyu students at the Salvation Army. After training together for almost a year and a half, 24 of the karateka graded for higher rank. After the certificates, belts and stripes were all handed out, we all enjoyed covered dish yummies made by the parents. A good time was had by all - especially training partner Ed, who earned his nidan :-)

5-yr-old Gary stretching during the warmup

His 7-yr-old sister, Diane, braking her first board ever (w/ Ed holding)

James presenting an ippon

My son, Malcolm, facing Sensei Joe in kumite

Stephanie (l) works an aiki jitsu with uke Diane

Sensei S. (R) and his sensei, Kyoshi K. stretching before kumite

Andrew gets congratulations from Sensei Joe, Kyoshi, Sensei S and SBN Slater...

Before I tied on his shiny, new brown belt :-)

Ed bowing to SBN Slater after earning his nidan

The gang - complete with new promotees - is all here

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