Monday, July 27, 2009

Healthy Obsession?

Yesterday, I spent a wonderful afternoon with three of my relatives at a concert in Central Park. Since the concert was free, there were just as many people waiting outside the gates to get in as there were inside ready for the music to begin. And while I was packed in line with them, I kept looking around and going through self-defense scenarios in my head. What's wrong with THAT picture?

It seems that there is hardly a time when I'm NOT thinking about karate: be it kata or tai sabaki techniques to try during sparring, but self-defense techniques at a concert?!? Good Lord - I think I'm becoming obsessed. Are there 12-step programs for this type of thing?

Hello, my name is Felicia and I'm a karate addict.


  1. That is it and I'm definitely experiencing it too at many places.

  2. *choruses* Hi, Felicia!

    You're definitely not alone in your karate obsession. It waxes and wanes, but the karate-tinted glasses are always there.

    I'm very glad to find your blog - I've spent the last two days reading your archives. You've been on quite a journey! I hope you're proud of all you've accomplished, because you definitely should be!

    (I hope this goes through. Blogspot is being very strange about letting me post here - keeps telling me I'm not a registered user of my own blog)

    Cindy (Perpetual Beginner)

  3. I don't think you're too far from the norm. Frankly, I know quite a few people for whom family gatherings is a reasonable place to need self defense skills. lol!