Monday, March 15, 2010

Insert Expletive Here

I broke another toe in class Saturday while sparring. When I broke my first bone ever - the pinky toe on my right foot - Sensei S told me that I would, in all likelihood, break others while training. He was right, of course (when is he not, LOL?), but who'da thunk it would happen so soon after the first?

This time, it's the opposite foot - the toe next to the baby one - and it was the only thing hurting (OK - throbbing) yesterday. Today, my entire forefoot is hurting, although only that one toe is swollen like a sausage.

The gym is calling, though (already had my mandatory rest day this week) and I've been asked to lead an hour of tomorrow night's class. train or not to train on it? That truly is the question of the day...

This so sucks, BTW!


  1. Tape it up and train, I reckon. Just don't do anything that will jiggle it around too much, or kick anyone ;) How did you do it? I'm up to three now - one second toe (maegeri meets gedan barae) and two little ones (which just stick out weirdly and get caught on the mat sometimes). Hope yours heals quickly, but don't let it stop you training!

  2. Oh no! Sounds painful.

    I have broken a few fingers toes. What can be done for a broken toe? My fingers were taped in a splint.

    Hope you heal quickly!

  3. I had a mawashigeri blocked by someone who was feeling a bit over zealous because I was beating the snot out of her, lol (seriously!). Counting the great toe I dislocated when I was a white belt (another hard block that slammed my foot to the floor), this is my third toe injury in almost six years. Not sure if that's good or bad...

    Haven't broken any fingers, yet, Michele (thank the Lord!!), but that can't possibly be fun. With toes, the broken one is taped to its healthy neighbors for stability.

    It turns out it might not be broken after all - just badly bruised! Sounds goofy, but - hooray!!

  4. I've broken my right little toe twice - but never in karate, weirdly enough. I've never broken a finger at all, and I'm downright paranoid about the possibility, given that I both knit and play the organ and piano for money.

    I'll cross my fingers that it's just bruised - bruises heal a lot quicker!

  5. Thanks, Cindy. My foot just doesn't feel right, but I'm pretty sure it isn't broken - at least the toe probably isn't. Getting an x-ray is on my to-do list for tomorrow - it really is. For know, ice is helping and I'm able to train (only moving laterally to the right where I have to push off the injured foot) is a problem, but it is a whole lot less painful than it was on Monday.


  6. Hi Felicia

    Sorry to hear about your toe. Having badly sprained all the toes on my left foot recently, I feel your pain! Hope it heals soon and you are able to get back to full training.