Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internal Dragon Martial Arts Grading in NYC

We hit the road again on Saturday (you probably think we NEVER stay home!), traveling to one of Sensei S.'s instructors - Kyoshi Williams' - promotions in the Bronx. About 25 kids and six adults graded - including two for shodan. It started about 10:30am but didn't end until after 3pm. Minimal injuries (a cut eye and an asthma attack during sparring and a hurt wrist from a successful cinder block break) - but a good time was had by all.

Before their belt presentations, the children waited patiently as Kyoshi and SBN Slader look on.

4-yr-old Destiny gets her Yellow Belt from Oba-san Solomon. Her mom (in the red print shirt) gets Sensei S. to bend down so she can get a picture.

One of the shodan candidates contemplating the cinder slab before his final break.

Here's what his wrist looked like after the cinder broke but before Sensei S. applied Dit Da Jow and White Lotus ointments.

Welcome to yudansha!


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Some of my best martial arts memories are from travelling to seminars and tournaments. My husband and I used to travel to New Orleans every year for a USKA event. We have not gone to LA since my daughter was born eleven years ago. But now that she is older... :)

  2. Hi, Michele...
    It's always neat to see how things are done elsewhere and how people get themselves "up" for competitions and gradings. Lots of differences, but so much that is the same across the board as well...

    Hoping you guys get to NOLA this year!

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  4. Great pics, and congrats to all the successful candidates.

  5. The funny thing is that part of their grading included the recitation of their rather lengthy dojo kun. All the adults flubbed at least part of it - but all of the children sailed through it effortlessly.

    Gotta love the little ones :-)