Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Way to Black Belt

Shortly after training partner Ed and I started teaching at the Salvation Army, a parent asked if we'd ever start a class just for the "mature" learners who wanted to delve into the art but who didn't necessarily want to do that while standing next to his or her child on the mat. We began our adult class a few months ago just for that reason, but sadly our inquiring parent, Mr. Dixon Guzman, passed away suddenly before he could gi up and join us. We thank him for the inspiration.

The adults meet each Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 8PM. We work kihon, kata, kumite and self-defense on a regular - and did even after Ed's shoulder surgery and while I was nursing a bum Achilles. The adults are dedicated - even coming to class through the heat of the Northeastern US's summer - and they train hard, which is nice to witness because their passion is infectious.

About a month ago, Kris Wilder sent out some info about the new book he'd written with Lawrence Kane called "The Way to Black Belt" - and specifically about how'd they were looking for a group of martial artists to read it and give it a run. As I enjoy their work - especially "How to Win a Fight" which I reviewed last year - I wrote back and told him all about our group. He sent enough copies for each of our students and we will begin distributing them tomorrow night. We'll post our progress on the school's new blog and I'll update a bit here as well.

And if you're in the Orange County, NY area and not doing anything this Wednesday evening, come come join us :-)


  1. As someone who came to karate as a "mature" student (well, I was 32 years old anyway) I'm very much of the adage "you're never too old to learn something new!" I'm intrigued to see what you all make of the book. I might have to add it to my Amazon wishlist.

  2. I started in the martial arts in my mid 40s and earned my blackbelt just a few months before my 50th birthday (It took me 5 years counting injury time). I earned my 2nd degree two and a half years later and was gearing up for my third degree effort this fall until I developed some hip problems which have forced me into a rethink mode. I'm interested in the book, how would I get a copy?

    1. You can order it from Amazon. Find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Way-Black-Belt-Comprehensive-Rock-Solid/dp/1594390851