Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leg Work

Earnestly dipping my toes into Goju-Ryu - the root of USA Goju, the style I've studied now for eight years. The classes are great and we do lots of two-person sparring and bunkai drills and tear apart kata a like you wouldn't believe, working stances and bettering footwork. Then I jump in my car and drive the hour home. No biggie, really (been doing the long travel to get to and from class for over five years now, so I'm used to it), but tonight when I walked up those six stairs that lead to my front door, my legs felt...different. OK, they felt tired as all get out - a lot like they do after a good "leg day" at the gym. Of course I tried to figure out why I felt like I'd squatted when I hadn't and then it hit me: we'd done lots of shiko dachi (horse stances) in class. Seems like all that bending at the knees will tax even the most well-conditioned quad - fancy that!

My old lady knees held up fine, but my quads are shot. I have a feeling I might be a bit sore tomorrow. I know it sounds like I'm whining, but I'm actually kinda liking being sore the day after a good, taxing workout. It's a great reminder of the fun had the day prior - and I really like feeling that as soon as I swing my feet over the side of the bed in the morning.

I love learning this martial stuff! I hope that feeling never, ever goes away...


  1. Soreness from a good workout is a reminder of your own greatness. :)

    But sore feet - that should be forbidden by nature. :\