Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Superfoot" in Atlantic City

My dojo mates and I have traveled a bit over the past few months. Last weekend, we hit the road again for an awards banquet in Atlantic City where Sensei S and Sa Bom Nim Slader were honored. But before the banquet, there were a ton of seminars to sample and see - including this one I filmed of the legendary Bill "Superfoot" Wallace on kicking in sparring competitions (which became the very first video I ever posted on YouTube!):

After all the kicks were thrown, my son posed for a picture with Mr. Wallace and got an autographed photo. He also got to take picture with actor/martial artist Michael Jai White (of "Spawn" fame). Can you tell he was excited?

In addition to a pair of very heavy trophies, Sensei S and SBN Slader each received beautiful Samurai swords for their contribution to their respective arts. Here's Sensei S with his sword (still in the box):

We're not planning on any more group travel until the Susquehanna Martial Arts Symposium at end of March, which is good in a way. It's nice to travel and see new things, but it's also good to be home. Off to class!


  1. Oh wow! You lead such an exciting life! I don't get to see anything like this - keep posting about it :-)

  2. Sounds like a great event!

    Nice pictures and video.

  3. I really lead a pretty mundane life, Sue. Sensei S is the "Let's go here! Let's go there!" guy, so I get to tag along, see some pretty neat stuff and meet some great people. Shame not to share that if I can...

    And thanks, Michele! "Santa" bought me a video camera for Christmas, so I felt obligated to try it out, LOL...