Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Recap

I admit it - last year this time, I was experiencing a bit of tunnel vision. Six months away from testing for shodan, my focus was on stepping up the intensity of my training without getting inured. I succeeded in totally exhausting myself, but it led to all kinds of introspective examination that forced me to view my training in a new light - all of which I am still able to draw on today. Of course it led to some other epiphanies, realizations and discoveries - all because I had training partners (like Ed pictured with me above) and instructors (thanks, Sensei S.!) who encouraged me to ask questions and not take "That's just how it's always been done" as an acceptable answer. To them I am most grateful.

Although the year ushered in some economic downturns, it has been a rich one in terms of what I've gained from the martial arts. Wasn't sure exactly what I was expecting after spring grading, but I definitely got much more than I bargained for, including:

* my first broken bone (ouch!)
* nostalgia over untying my brown belt for good
* contemplating karate 12-step programs
* new training routines
* seeing amazing karate practitioners earn their red belts
* competing and judging in some great tournaments
* connecting with some great female martial artists via their blogs

Here's to an equally incredible 2010! Happy New Year =)


  1. Hi Felicia, your blog is a constant source of inspiration and informative discussion about your martial arts highs and lows. I always look forward to reading your latest posts. Have a happy new year!

  2. Awww, Sue - you are such a sweetie! I can honestly say the same about your interesting and informative posts. I should be thanking YOU for the inspiration :-)

    Unfortunately, the lows have kinda taken center stage as of late! Still barking my shins on the proverbial furniture, but hopefully 2010 will find me still moving along the path and enjoying some new challenges. Hoping your training is going well...