Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Much Information

OK - pet peeve time. For me, it's sloppy gis during training. I'm not talking about the gi jacket that gets disheveled after you're tossed across the floor like a rag doll, but untucked shirts that dangle below gi tops and belts that are gapped or twisted in the back way before the warmup even begins bother me to no end. But you know what gets me the most? Undergarments that peek out between the splits in traditional-tie bottoms. Ack!!

It seems a shame to step on the mat with trimmed nails and a freshly washed gi only to have your underwear announce to the world that they are ready to work well before you've even produced a bead of sweat. Sorry, but that is totally gross. Cover that up already!

Seriously, if someone else can see the waist band of your BVDs or knows what color thong you have on, that's definitely TMI. There's a reason it's called UNDERwear.

Granted, some folks might not know their...ummm...business is "in the streets" - so if you have a training partner who's flashing a little more than their devistating technique in class and you don't wish to embarrass him or her, point them a pair of shorts, a needle and thread or any MA website that sells elastic-waist or slit-less drawstring gi pants. Friends don't let friends train with their undies showing, IMHO.

OK - rant over. Thanks for indulging me...


  1. Glad you've got that off your chest! I agree with you though - nothing worse than seeing peoples grundies in the dojo.

    At my kobudo club, which is held in the assembly hall of a small primary school (so no changing rooms, just infant sized cloakroom)the men change into their gis in the training hall - in front of me! They have no shame or modesty - groin protectors inserted, the lot! I don't know where to look half the time so I disappear into the girls cloakroom to change myself. A flash of undies beneath a gi is nothing compared to the eyeful I get every Sunday evening. LOL.

  2. Well said! :)

    I was at a tournmant where the men wore groin protection outside their gi pants. Definitely TMI...

  3. LOL Felicia. Couldn't agree more. My DH laughs at me because I went out and bought huge white "old lady" pants for training. They keep everything covered and you can't really see them under my Gi. He thinks it's hilarous I wear my "bridgets" for training. At least they don't embarrass me on the dojo floor though. :)